Projects flying to the International Space Station

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. —  Two Massachusetts life science companies were awarded a total of $500,000 in grant funding as part of the Galactic Grant Competition. Gov. Charlie Baker, The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center announced the winners at the 2015 International Space Station R&D Conference.

The competition, announced last November, allowed MLSC companies to compete for up to $500,000 in grant funding to support experiments on the International Space Station’s U.S. National Laboratory. The winning companies are Nanobiosym and Zaiput Flow Technologies, both located in Cambridge. The grant funding will enable the companies to leverage up to $7.4 million per project of support from CASIS to fly their projects up to station, conduct their projects on station and bring the experiments back to earth.

Nanobiosym will seek to validate its custom Gene-RADAR applications to detect the presence or absence of a target pathogen cultivated in zero gravity. The project will attempt to computationally predict bacterial mutations, evaluate model organisms in space and use the empirical results to validate and refine the company’s predictive algorithms.

Zaiput Flow Technologies is a startup launched to bring innovative tools for continuous flow chemistry to the market. The company offers a wide variety of cutting-edge applications, including a microfluidic liquid-liquid separator used in continuous flow. The Galactic Grant project will explore the role that gravity currently has or may have on Zaiput‟s small-scale separation device.

Through the competition, MLSC and CASIS encouraged life sciences companies to take advantage of the distinct attributes of a truly unique microgravity research platform. The microgravity environment on the ISS has profound and unique effects on biological phenomena and can enable discoveries with terrestrial applications, including drug discovery, development, delivery, and diagnostics.

Source: MLSC press release


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