Los Angeles unveils nation’s first smartpole street lights

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Innovative street lights are going up all over Los Angeles, increasing energy efficiency and boosting your cell signal, too.

Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled the nation’s first installation of Philips SmartPole streetlights, equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and 4G LTE wireless technology. 100 of these innovative streetlights will be installed across Los Angeles in the first year; 500 additional poles will be added over the next four years.

The SmartPoles will deliver enhanced, reliable wireless broadband coverage to businesses, visitors, and citizens by integrating Ericsson small cell technology into standard city street lights — improving the wireless network for Angelenos’ smart phones in dense urban areas.

“The analog light pole has evolved right here in Los Angeles,” Garcetti said. “L.A. is a world leader in LED street lights and has more poles than any other city in America. We are now taking advantage of previously untapped real estate to give our streets better broadband connectivity and future-ready infrastructure, while generating revenue for the city. This project shows what smart infrastructure can do for Los Angeles: create jobs, save taxpayer dollars, and improve our environment.”

This increased reliability for the wireless network is especially important in the event of emergencies — so that smart phones stay online when they are needed most. In addition to providing better coverage, these poles are in keeping with Garcetti’s stronger earthquake standards, as outlined in his Resilience by Design plan.

By leasing the valuable digital real estate on top of city light poles, this project will self-fund, resulting in no cost to taxpayers and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for the city.

Image courtesy of LA Mayor’s Office

Source: LA Mayor’s Office

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