Coming back home, invests in Evansville (IN)

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Veteran-owned, a specialty online retailer ranked as the fastest growing company in Indiana, announced plans to expand its headquarters here by moving its Martin, Tennessee-based manufacturing operations to Evansville, creating up to 104 new jobs by 2020.

“The spirit of Hoosier innovation is alive and well with’s news that it is bringing manufacturing operations home to Indiana,” said Gov. Mike Pence. “After manufacturing its bed, bath, home and garden products elsewhere, discovered that if they did their manufacturing here, Indiana’s affordable cost of doing business and highly-skilled workforce would give them the best competitive advantage. With all that Indiana has to offer, homegrown companies like continue to grow and create new jobs for Hoosiers.”

The business will invest $5.46 million to renovate its existing 60,000-square-foot headquarters at 2625 Kotter Ave. in Evansville, clearing an area in its warehouse to manufacture bedding products that are currently produced in Tennessee. Safety and noise reduction-related renovations are currently underway, with the company’s plan to have manufacturing operations based in Evansville by this spring, in addition to e-commerce, wholesale customer service and distribution operations currently housed at its Evansville headquarters.

Source: Indiana Department of Economic Development

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