Collaborative Consulting hiring 200 IT professionals in Waterville

WATERVILLE, Maine — A Massachusetts IT company will bring 20 immediate jobs and an expected 200 jobs over the next four to five years to Waterville.

The expansion of Burlington, Mass.-based Collaborative Consulting and the expected development of partnerships with nearby colleges is seen by area interests as a big plus for the revitalization of Waterville, whose economic health was formerly dependent on manufacturers now defunct.

Collaborative’s arrival ties in with city and community organization goals for economic development, and with initiatives by resident Colby College, which is also in the midst of transforming the downtown area with the purchase of four historic buildings.

PHOTO: John Williams, Chief Strategy Officer for Collaborative Consulting, at his office in Burlington, Mass. Photo provided.

“There was a time when Waterville was not doing so well, with the mill closures that occurred, and the loss of manufacturing jobs,” said Jennifer Olsen, former executive director of Waterville Main Street. Olsen, who left her position at year’s end, cites Colby’s purchases and Collaborative’s arrival as synergistic developments that are also votes of confidence in Waterville as a city with great potential. “Colby’s buying power leverages other investors, such as bringing Collaborative Consulting to the table. Now we’re on an upswing. If ever there was a renaissance, Waterville has got it going on right now.”

“Waterville is like a lot of other manufacturing town and cities, in Maine and the nation, that have seen the outflow of manufacturing jobs,” said City Manager Mike Roy. “Our manufacturing jobs shut down, and now we’re hoping to get things back up. Collaborative fits into our goal of being attractive to businesses that are positioning themselves for the 21st century.”

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Photo courtesy of Collaborative Consulting

Source:  Maine Biz

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