3 useful online degrees for self-employed entreprenuers

Launching and managing your own business is anything but a walk in the park.  Despite the common misconception that self-employed people “have it made” and can “work whenever they want” the harsh reality is that there’s always a client or schedule that needs to be met in order for the company to experience optimal growth.

You can’t just “make the time” to go to school and get a degree if it requires you to be inside of a building providing your undivided attention for hours every day – it’s just not practical to be able to do that and maintain a productive business.

Fortunately, there are online degree programs that make it possible for anyone to get an education on their own schedule, including the following three that are particularly useful for self-employed entrepreneurs:

1. Master of Business Administration

A Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA) will prepare you with all the information and experience needed to be a more effective marketer, salesmen, business planner, accountant, and all the other roles that are needed to facilitate the administration of a successful company. If you’re already a self-employed entrepreneur, chances are your business will only benefit from the knowledge gained from an AACSB online MBA program like the one from Northeastern University.

2. Master of Science in Communication

A huge part of being a proficient entrepreneur is learning how to communicate effectively. A Master’s degree in communication will equip you to be a more convincing speaker and writer, and you’ll also gain experience in several forms of digital communications as well as programming, thus opening up a whole new field for you to venture into. Furthermore, a degree in communications will help you understand the psychology of communication, which helps if you’re trying to deliver an advertisement or marketing material as effectively as possible.

3. Master of Science in Finance

Earning a Master of Science in Finance degree online is a guaranteed way to become a better accountant and financial manager, which of course are common traits shared by all great entrepreneurs. Knowing how to manage the company’s finances and take advantage of external funding from investors can take your efforts to the next level, allowing you to finance businesses that you would’ve never otherwise been able to if you were depending solely on your own funds. Some online MBA programs like the one from NEU even offer a dual degree option that lets you earn your online MBA degree and a Master of Science in Finance simultaneously in as fast as 2 years.

Falling Back on Your Degrees

In a worst case scenario, even if all of your business endeavors fail and you’re left job hunting like the rest of the worker ant population, at least you’ll always have your degrees to fall back on.

If anything, having the above three degrees on your resume will certainly make you a more eligible candidate for a plethora of high-paying job positions.

Thus, you’ll never feel like you’re wasting time when pursuing one of the degrees above, as you’ll be building a solid foundation for a stable career even if being an entrepreneur doesn’t work out for you in the long-term

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