Crash victim’s son to launch campaign for increased road safety

The son of a man who was killed in a road accident in Co. Londonderry is set to start a campaign for road safety in memory of his father. Wilson Sherrard was travelling in a car as a passenger when it was involved in a road collision with a van earlier this month. A police investigation into the cause of the crash is still ongoing. Christopher Sherrard, the son of the deceased, wants to start a city-wide road safety campaign and is hoping to secure political support in his bid to make the roads a safer place.


Mr Sherrard said that he was at home working when his wife gave him the news that his father had been taken to hospital in a critical condition due to his involvement in a car crash in Claudy. He said that his father had sustained two collapsed lungs in the crash, along with a punctured bowel, shattered diaphragm and a bleed in the brain. Speaking of his father’s injuries, Mr Sherrard said that the man lying in the bed did not even look like his father any more. After what he describes as a horrendous ordeal, Mr Sherrard said that he remembered a television advert for road safety which featured a surgeon saying that ‘you don’t ever want to see your family members seeing me doing my job’. Inspired to create his own road safety campaign in memory of his father, Mr Sherrard has since contacted the office of the first minister about his plight.

Fresh Safety Initiative

Along with having more equipment for safety on the roads such as Armco Barrier, Mr Sherrard hopes that his idea for a fresh new safety initiative will drive home to many people exactly how horrendous and heart-breaking road traffic accidents can be. Speaking about his plight, Mr Sherrard said that he will do everything in his power to promote it in order to try and stop any more people in the town from losing their lives on the road. He said, ‘I am going to endeavour now and hopefully get some meetings set up with influential people in this city to highlight this’.

Road Safety

As the roads get busier, road safety is becoming more and more of an important issue. A number of campaigns on increasing road safety to improve awareness for drivers have been necessary over the years due to the amount of road collisions caused by reckless and unsafe driving. In the last few years, the majority of road accidents have been caused by unsafe driving such as using a mobile phone whilst at the wheel, or speeding. Mr Sherrard hopes that his campaign will work to jog the minds of those driving irresponsibly by sharing his first-hand experience of what road accident can do to families.

What are your thoughts on road safety? Do we need more safety campaigns to prevent accidents such as these? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for improving road safety – leave your response in the comments below.

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