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Portrait Of Man Standing In Busy Creative OfficeAmerica has great people who make quality products. We turn ideas into jobs and paychecks, opportunities for American families and innovation our country can grow on.

At JustGOODNews.BIZ (JGN), we’re inspired by these growing companies and their successes.

As our nation’s GOOD economic news service, JGN gives them a spotlight so you can know who’s hiring, who’s expanding, plus innovative companies and communities with great ideas.  State-by-state. Sector-by-sector. Free-of-charge.

A refreshing alternative to negative news so prevalent today, JGN is a grassroots business news-sharing movement unlike anything else.

It’s news you can use in your business, on your job and to guide important life decisions – shared with us by people who make it happen:  Companies, governors and community leaders, economic developers, chambers, workforce programs – and from the best headlines across the country.

Who Reads Good News?In today’s tsunami of news and information, JGN distills the best content so you can find:

  • Business Intelligence – Expanding, innovative companies by state, sector and community.
  • Who’s hiring – so job seekers and employers can connect.
  • Featured Communities ready for growth – and how they’re making it happen.
  • Start-up ventures and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas.
  • Emerging markets and investment insights. Learn who’s leading the charge.
  • Groundbreaking workforce and education ventures growing talented workers for today and beyond.
  • Relocation information – Find job opportunities plus resources for your family, your future.
  • Fresh Perspective.  While bad news is inevitable, encouraging news is everywhere.  We help you find it.

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Our GOOD News is free.  It’s brought to you by partner companies and communities that believe in the American Dream. At JGN, their brands are ALWAYS connected to GOOD News.

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