What is Good News?

What IS GOOD News?

JustGoodNews.BIZ reports just GOOD economic news from across the country, state by state – encouraging stories about:

  • Growing companies that are expanding and investing in your community.
  • New jobs they’re creating – so job hunters and employers can connect.
  • Existing businesses and startups with innovative ideas that positively impact the economy and peoples’ lives.
  • Inspiring stories of American ingenuity. Features spotlighting companies and business people who apply creative ideas to solve problems or address challenges.
  • Communities that are competitive and ready for growth – and what they’re doing to make it happen.

What We Do Not Publish:

JustGoodNews.BIZ spotlights business news that makes you think “WOW, that’s GREAT!” We cannot cover news about:

  • Potential projects not finalized or pending some approval or site search.
  • Company, government or military contracts that will not lead to additional local jobs.
  • Company announcements of revenues, profits or stock prices.
  • Announcements of companies receiving angel investment or other funding.
  • Businesses buying or being acquired by another companies.
  • Potentially political or social issues.
  • Announcements of new hires or promotions.
  • Commercial construction, spec buildings, apartment and housing projects.
  • Business-to-business announcements (i.e. ABC Company is now selling products to XYZ Corp.)
  • Federal, state or local grants, economic reports, charities, donations, IPOs, beautification or urban renewal without additional info listed in “What IS GOOD News” above.
  • Restaurant openings or food trucks without info on job creation or innovative, unique concepts.
  • Acquisition of franchise rights for a given market. (Exception: when an actual franchise location is being opened and/or if the announcement of franchise rights includes some mention of jobs and/or innovation.)
  • Awards given to companies and individuals unless they are top honors of statewide or national significance.
  • Any other news that doesn’t fit the “What IS Good News?” criteria above.

For questions or more info, please contact info@JustGoodNews.BIZ.